The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 12: Theft of Excalibur

It is St. Stephen’s day when the noblemen and knights serve the servants and squires. One of the squires has been blackmailed into stealing King Arthurs prized sword, Excalibur. A group of robbers have taken the squires father and are forcing a swap of the sword for the boys father.  Sir Lancelot and the squiresContinue reading “The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 12: Theft of Excalibur”

The Baron Episode 29: Countdown

Mannering meets a diversion as he is driving  and is assualted by some thugs who want the letter from the man, Stanley White, whom John is going to visit. The kidnappers take the letter and go to the meeting in disguise as Mannering. A medieval sword stolen some time ago has resurfaced and a few different parties wantContinue reading “The Baron Episode 29: Countdown”