The Baron Episode 10: The Legions of Ammak

In London, Mr Cossackian withdrawals 3 million dollars from his bank, he is going to purchase the “Legions of Ammak” necklace. John Mannering is wondering why Ofeg and King Ibrahim would be making this transaction because Ofeg is a known miser and the King wouldn’t want to give up such a family treasure. Some cluesContinue reading “The Baron Episode 10: The Legions of Ammak”

The Baron Episode 9: And Suddenly You’re Dead

In a laboratory a powerful chemical weapon has been made that would change the entire world if it was to get out. A potential buyer has come in to see it but after making the deal, the virus is stolen by an American agent. When the agent is found dead when his car drove ofContinue reading “The Baron Episode 9: And Suddenly You’re Dead”

The Baron Episode 8: The Persuaders

John is away in Paris when his shop attendant David Marlowe  is kidnapped. For the release of David, Mannering must sale Sir Robert Ellacott a fake Renoir painting for a 100,000 pounds. Mannering decides to investigate himself about who is behind this plot and why. Ellacott is shown the painting and Mannering meets Roddy, Sir RobertsContinue reading “The Baron Episode 8: The Persuaders”

The Baron Episode 7: The Killing

Cordelia is frightened by John because to her she saw him dead. John has to explain the switch to calm her down and assure her that he is who he says he is. Johns fear of being caught out is warranted when Revell becomes suspicious of him. Mannering had to act before anyone else became suspicious butContinue reading “The Baron Episode 7: The Killing”

The Baron Episode 6: Masquerade

The Baron is sent for, late in the evening to see Sir Frederick Orton but is left stranded in an abadoned house. Cordelia realises that John is missing after missing a few appointments. The Baron wakes up to notice he is trapped in the old house where he was stranded. Trying to find his wayContinue reading “The Baron Episode 6: Masquerade”