The Baron Episode 15: Storm Warning

In Macao, John and Sue are picking up some packages from a recent purchase. After some looking around all but one package is found and ready to be shipped back to London. John went off to find any signs of where the missing package could be but Sue investigates the possibility of the package beingContinue reading “The Baron Episode 15: Storm Warning”

The Baron Episode 14: There’s Someone Close Behind You

Its another dark and foggy london night when some plans to “knock off” the Lynsted collection are overheard. Mannering is told of these plans and takes steps to stop this pending robbery. After waiting for some time both Mannering and the Police believe that the tip off may have been found out so the crooksContinue reading “The Baron Episode 14: There’s Someone Close Behind You”

The Baron Episode 13: Portrait of Louisa

Louisa is being blackmailed by an unknown source. She is willing to even sale some prized antiques to Mannering. This sparks Johns curiosity, since he knew she would never in her right mind part with such treasures. The Baron reluctantly buys the antique but not without tell Louisa that he knew she must be inContinue reading “The Baron Episode 13: Portrait of Louisa”

The Baron Episode 12: The Maze

John nearly runs down a woman running away from armed men. Upon picking her up his vehicle is shot at and the car runs off the road. The only thing John remembers is picking up the girls, running off the road and some random hallucinations. John was found wandering on a road when a passerContinue reading “The Baron Episode 12: The Maze”

The Baron Episode 11: Samurai West

A 500 year old Samurai Sword is being sold by Mr. Asano to help his finances but his man servant Yasugi is not happy but Mannering is happy to add this samurai sword to his collection. A party to celebrate the purchase of the sword turns sour when an old colonel recognizes Mr. Asano asContinue reading “The Baron Episode 11: Samurai West”