The Baron Episode 20: The High Terrace

A woman jumps off a bridge in London some men in a boat have retrieved the dead body from the water. John and Cordelia are ready to sell a consignment of Medicis to a client, Phyllis Thornton, when they arrive to her apartment she is missing and inside is a man rummaging through her belongings.Continue reading “The Baron Episode 20: The High Terrace”

The Baron Episode 19: You Can’t Win Them All

The Petrograd icons are missing and presumed stolen. A small time thief whom the owner of the Peerage Club, Stefton Folkard, believes took them from him is beaten and roughed up but escapes into the polices arms. The thief, Ronnie Osbourne, tells the police that he needs to speak with John Mannering to tell himContinue reading “The Baron Episode 19: You Can’t Win Them All”

The Baron Episode 18: A Memory of Evil

High upon the mountain is a lost father and now sister. The father is found shot and is not able to escape down the mountain but leaves his daughter, Nicola Holz, with a golden eagle to give to Captain Mannering. Nicola being unaware of the eagles importance is being followed by two suspicious men thatContinue reading “The Baron Episode 18: A Memory of Evil”

The Baron Episode 17: Time to Kill

Mannering and Cordelia are in Spain for an antique purchase in Madrid. The Vitale family have a Emerald Cameo Brooch with a sinister legend behind it that whomever owns the brooch will have misfortune. Cristina Vitale is scared of this legend and arranges to sell the brooch to a sick Cordelia but is killed whenContinue reading “The Baron Episode 17: Time to Kill”

The Baron Episode 16: The Island

John and Cordelia are put under armed guard awaiting the captains orders. The only alternative for the captain is to kill John and Cordelia since the captain exposed the plans to take down a space shuttle. The SOS radio call that John made was overheard and the Macao authorities mentioned that Mannering got on theContinue reading “The Baron Episode 16: The Island”