The Baron Episode 25: So Dark the Night

It was a dark and stormy night when lightning strikes and the lights flicker, a young woman is scared and seeks out her father Carl Grant, only to find him lying on the ground in grave condition with his last words being “The Warrior”. Mannering was in fact on his way with Cordelia to makeContinue reading “The Baron Episode 25: So Dark the Night”

The Baron Episode 24: Long Ago and Far Away

Cordelia is in South America to visit Senior Petrarca to inspect some Aztec finds that John may be interested in purchasing but suddenly the police are at the door and Senior Petrarca is gone leaving Cordelia with the wrath of the police. When Cordelia does not show up in Los Angeles as expected, John heads to South AmericaContinue reading “The Baron Episode 24: Long Ago and Far Away”

The Baron Episode 23: The Edge of Fear

During an Air France flight, a man is found very sick and the doctor warns about the possibility of his illness being a case of typhoid. This was only a rouse and the doctor and ambulance driver are found dead after getting off the plane. After some suspicious activity at the antique shop, the effortContinue reading “The Baron Episode 23: The Edge of Fear”

The Baron Episode 22: Night of the Hunter

Madame Nicharos, the wife of the ex-president, is being held prisoner by the current head of the government the General of the military forces. She is being blackmail for her life to sign papers stating her now dead husband did commit treasonous acts against the country. She refuses and is lucky enough to escape theContinue reading “The Baron Episode 22: Night of the Hunter”

The Baron Episode 21: The Seven Eyes of Night

Mannering has been fooled by an impostor selling the Seven Eyes of Night and is out $300,000. The thieves are smart enough to fool John but may not be smart enough to keep out of trouble. The safe was opened without force and this is a clue to indicate that someone knew the combination, likely anContinue reading “The Baron Episode 21: The Seven Eyes of Night”