The Baron : Conclusion

The Baron This post concludes all of my posts of The Baron episodes. Unfortunately due to the lack of audience the studio decided not to renew the series but yet we are left with a small portion of fun television which is a staple of the time. Even after the years, The Baron is still […]

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The Baron Episode 29: Countdown

Mannering meets a diversion as he is driving  and is assualted by some thugs who want the letter from the man, Stanley White, whom John is going to visit. The kidnappers take the letter and go to the meeting in disguise as Mannering. A medieval sword stolen some time ago has resurfaced and a few different parties want […]

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The Baron Episode 28: The Man Outside

Mannering receives a telegraph about a ring being delivered to him in London, but the deliveryman’s vehicle is found burned and him inside dead. The inquest finds his death to be accidental but Mannering believes different. Mannering notices a ring on a strangers finger which was stolen off the dead man confirming the belief that the […]

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The Baron Episode 27: Roundabout

The scorned wife of an aquaintence of Mannerings is found nearly dead after being choked by a would be assasin which nearly got John killed as well. The owner of Johns Paris store is dealing with something illegal so John has to investigate further. After a haircut that nearly took too much off, John was […]

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