Interpol Calling Episode 5: The Long Weekend

2000 miles, the sea, a dead body? When a known criminal’s body is found on the beach near Dover the questions arise about how this could be possible. Was it murder or a suicide? Where did the body come from? Just how such a thing could happen points to complex set of maritime charts. PersonalContinue reading “Interpol Calling Episode 5: The Long Weekend”

The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 27: The York Treasure

An old friend Joseph of Cordoba and a young companion Esther are in Nottingham forest to find Robin Hood. There plight to assist refugees escaping persecution in Europe by ship has met its own troubles. They must safe guard the York treasure from the prying arms of Malbete and the Sheriff of Nottingham and safelyContinue reading “The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 2 Episode 27: The York Treasure”

The Baron Episode 22: Night of the Hunter

Madame Nicharos, the wife of the ex-president, is being held prisoner by the current head of the government the General of the military forces. She is being blackmail for her life to sign papers stating her now dead husband did commit treasonous acts against the country. She refuses and is lucky enough to escape theContinue reading “The Baron Episode 22: Night of the Hunter”