Interpol Calling Episode 5: The Long Weekend

2000 miles, the sea, a dead body? When a known criminal’s body is found on the beach near Dover the questions arise about how this could be possible. Was it murder or a suicide? Where did the body come from? Just how such a thing could happen points to complex set of maritime charts. PersonalContinue reading “Interpol Calling Episode 5: The Long Weekend”

The Baron Episode 16: The Island

John and Cordelia are put under armed guard awaiting the captains orders. The only alternative for the captain is to kill John and Cordelia since the captain exposed the plans to take down a space shuttle. The SOS radio call that John made was overheard and the Macao authorities mentioned that Mannering got on theContinue reading “The Baron Episode 16: The Island”

The Baron Episode 15: Storm Warning

In Macao, John and Sue are picking up some packages from a recent purchase. After some looking around all but one package is found and ready to be shipped back to London. John went off to find any signs of where the missing package could be but Sue investigates the possibility of the package beingContinue reading “The Baron Episode 15: Storm Warning”