Interpol Calling Episode 1: The Thirteen Innocents

Interpol is following an opium drug trafficking racket in Europe that appears to originate in Turkey. Inspector Duval makes his way to Istanbul to see if the authorities have any leads on the mastermind of these shipments. The lead suspect is a cautious import/export trader who has reason to divert Interpol’s scrutiny from his fleetContinue reading “Interpol Calling Episode 1: The Thirteen Innocents”

The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 9: Deadlock

Gene Bradley is in Istanbul with a briefcase filled with 1 million dollars. A stolen microfile is on offer for purchase and Gene wants back what was stolen but there are others that want the microfile even more.  A Johnny Morrison is calling the shots but also warns Gene of his other enemies such asContinue reading “The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 9: Deadlock”

Department S Episode 16: The Perfect Operation

An operation is taking place and the best surgeons are in attendance. The VIP patient can die without a successful operation but there was a disruption. It was a perfect operation but who was the neurosurgeon? Department S has been called to sort out why a surgeon was stopped mid operation only to have anotherContinue reading “Department S Episode 16: The Perfect Operation”