Man of the World Season 2 Episode 3: Double Exposure

It is rumoured a military leader has been dead for some time, in his place an impersonator. Strait is sent to confirm or dispel that rumour. As a standin chauffeur for a visiting wealthy old lady, Straight gets entangled with the Chief of Police and his ever watching comrades.  Personal Synopsis Strait is again inContinue reading “Man of the World Season 2 Episode 3: Double Exposure”

The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 6: Counterstrike

Gene is adamant to free Andrei Korony, a renown scientist, from the iron curtain despite what Mr. Parminter wants. The task will be harder than Gene thinks. First to get in then to infiltrate the local village and speak with Korony’s niece to find out Andrei’s whereabouts. Upon speaking with the villagers, Gene eventually findsContinue reading “The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 6: Counterstrike”

The Protectors Season 2 Episode 13: Border Line

The death of Mr Tabori, a leader during the 56′ uprising in Hungary, stirs his daughter to bury her father in his motherland. This will not be so easy since the Hungarian government will not allow Illona Tabori a visa, because of the threat she poses. Harry has been asked to help take her fatherContinue reading “The Protectors Season 2 Episode 13: Border Line”

The Baron Episode 5: Enemy of the State

John and Cordelia are sent to the Eastern Bloc to make a drop off in Bar Koblinz. Things go wrong when the contact warns her of pending trouble and then is shot. Cordelia is arrested for spying and Mannering is ordered to go back to London without Cordelia. Mannering would not allow Templeton-Green to swayContinue reading “The Baron Episode 5: Enemy of the State”