Interpol Calling Episode 6: You Can’t Die Twice

A man was killed in an accident on the docks of New York City but shortly thereafter it is found that he was not the man his papers say he is. The man he was reported to be was actually killed months ago in Hamburg. During the autopsy, the doctor finds a strange tattoo onContinue reading “Interpol Calling Episode 6: You Can’t Die Twice”

Interpol Calling Episode 5: The Long Weekend

2000 miles, the sea, a dead body? When a known criminal’s body is found on the beach near Dover the questions arise about how this could be possible. Was it murder or a suicide? Where did the body come from? Just how such a thing could happen points to complex set of maritime charts. PersonalContinue reading “Interpol Calling Episode 5: The Long Weekend”

Interpol Calling Episode 4: The Two-Headed Monster

Johnny Stefano is back in Italy after doing time in a US prison. Not believing he has changed his way the local police contact Interpol to investigate. Duval is now wondering why a gathering of known criminals are meeting with Johnny and what racket they might be up to. Johnny’s sister Maria unintentionally gives DuvalContinue reading “Interpol Calling Episode 4: The Two-Headed Monster”

Interpol Calling Episode 3: The Sleeping Giant

A World War II bomb is found in Scotland far too close for comfort. If it explodes it would cause the destruction of a dam and everything downstream. Interpol is searching for the bomb makers in an attempt to detonate the bomb but this not an easy task after so many years after the war.Continue reading “Interpol Calling Episode 3: The Sleeping Giant”

Interpol Calling Episode 2: The Money Game

A journalist is found dead after reporting on the untimely demise of the Baron. The international stock markets react to this news of the highly esteemed financier’s death. However when the real Baron shows himself to be alive, Inspector Duval must find who would go to such lengths to fake a death and commit aContinue reading “Interpol Calling Episode 2: The Money Game”