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The Protectors Season 1 Episode 1: 2000 Feet to Die

2000ft to Die Title Shot

The team of Harry Rule, Contessa Caroline and Paul Buchet are the Protectors. They are hired by Freddie Reiwald, a scientist working on perfecting synthetic gold, to find out the reason for the mysterious deaths of all of his colleagues. Freddie wants to fake his own death to stop the killers from trying to get him but this backfires into blackmail. The Protectors will need to stop the skydive before its too late and solve the mystery of the dead science team.

Personal Synopsis

The start of the Protectors is a fun episode. The story about a team of scientist creating synthetic gold is an original concept, one that you could only assume would stir up the criminal possibilities. A nice entry episode but without much background on each of the characters, however was fun to watch. Harvey Hall, an old ITC favourite from shows like The Persuaders, Department S and The Champions, plays the scientist Freddie Reiwald.


Original Air-Date: 29 September 1972

Directed by John Hough

Written by Terence Feely

Harry Rule- Robert Vaughn

Contessa Caroline di Contini- Nyree Dawn Porter

Paul Buchet- Tony Anholt

Suki- Yasuko Nagazumi

Chino- Anthony Chinn

Freddie Reiwald- Harvey Hall

Ransome- Nicholas Jones

Susan- Jacqueline Stanbury

Captain Carozza- Paul Stassino

Civil Servant- John Scott

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The Baron Episode 25: So Dark the Night

So Dark the Night Title Shot

It was a dark and stormy night when lightning strikes and the lights flicker, a young woman is scared and seeks out her father Carl Grant, only to find him lying on the ground in grave condition with his last words being “The Warrior”. Mannering was in fact on his way with Cordelia to make a valuation on the Grants antiques. The dead mans daughter, Joyce, is now being terrorised by her thoughts or maybe a real danger. John sees her in a frightened state and seeks to find why she is being terrorised and why the suspicious activity around and in the house. There is obviously something in the house that someone wants and that someone needed to scare her out of the house. Mannering believes he has seen Grant’s face before and set off for London to investigate further. Cordelia and Joyce find one of the local townspeople shot, the town doctor believes it was an accident but Cordelia is not sold on the accident theory. There was a bullion heist years ago, Mannering found, that Grant and an accomplice, Frank Ashton, stole a million dollars in bullion but were capture and tried yet the bullion was never found. The accomplice was recently released from prison and likely went to collect his share of the bullion. Time is running out since daughter is planning on leaving the house the next day taking either the bullion or a clue of its location so the crooks will need to act and so would Mannering.  The quest for the clue has brought real danger to the daughter and even to Ashton.

Personal Synopsis

Stolen bullion and the revenge of an accomplice. This premise is intriguing enough to at least give this episode a watch. I found myself drifting while watching this show but ultimately I came back enjoying the overall story. The episode actually doesn’t have much on air time for Mannering, most of the story is either with Sue Lloyd or with the sinister characters of the show, this does not cheapen the episode but Steve Forrest was almost given a break for this filming.


Mevagissey, Cornwall, England, UK


Original Air-date: 15 March 1967

Directed by Robert Tronson

Written by Terry Nation

The Baron- Steve Forrest

Cordelia Winfield- Sue Lloyd

Frank Ashton- George Baker

Dr. Richard Thornton- John Franklyn-Robbins

Joyce Grant- Gillian Lewis

Ben Cross- John Garrie

Landlord- Freddie Jones

Felicia Talbot- Caroline Blakiston

Carl Grant- Brown Derby

Policeman- Colin Rix

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Department S Episode 2: The Trojan Tanker

Department S_The Trojan Tanker Title Shot

A tanker on a lone road almost hits an oncoming vehicle, after the near miss, a young woman was seen in the back of the empty tanker. Or was she? Department S is put on the job to explain the dead driver and to find the missing woman. Jason attempts to contact who he thinks was the girl in the tanker but finds her boyfriend.  When another tanker is stolen, the urgency to find out the details is strong. Stewart makes a gamble on his hunches and almost loses his hand yet gains an inside perspective. With 2 million sterling being dangled in front of Stewarts face, the trio knew they were on the right track. Annabelle finds a flight with a shiny package coming from Johannesburg and it’s arriving today , will Department S know how the heist will take place? They better or their investigation will be tanked.

Personal Synopsis

When I initially watched this episode, I had trouble seeing where this story was going. The second time around I found that I more enjoyed the acting of the Jason King character with the various women in this episode. I think this, for me, establishes Jason as a suave, charming, sophisticated agent, who could possibly have his way with any woman he comes across. There are some surprising shots that include jason ogling over women in bathing suits, annabelle topless and Stewart in, to use an Australian slang, budgie smugglers. This episode is eye candy for most who would watch and the story does add an international flair to a standard heist.


Bedfordshire, England


Original Air-Date: March 16, 1969

Directed by Ray Austin

Written by Philip Broadley

Jason King-Peter Wyngarde

Stewart Sullivan-Joel Fabiani

Annabelle Hurst-Rosemary Nicols

Sir Curtis Seretse-Dennis Alaba Peters

Veronica Bray-Patricia Haines

Mike Taylor-Simon Oates

Paolo Cortoli-Bill Nagy

Johnson-Fredric Abbott

Eccles-Michael Balfour

Croupier-John Serret

Fausta-Monika Dietrich

French Driver-Larry Taylor

Eccles’ Girlfriend-Penny Bird

Source: IMDB, Wikipedia

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