The Baron Episode 6: Masquerade

The Baron is sent for, late in the evening to see Sir Frederick Orton but is left stranded in an abadoned house. Cordelia realises that John is missing after missing a few appointments. The Baron wakes up to notice he is trapped in the old house where he was stranded. Trying to find his wayContinue reading “The Baron Episode 6: Masquerade”

The Baron Episode 2: Epitaph for a Hero

One of Mannering’s old army buddies has died, in fact Mannering has him to thank for saving his life. However a mysterious meeting proves the death of his friend was just a ploy to get Mannering to join a heist. Mannering is compelled by Templeton-Green to join as an undercover agent to sabotage the heistContinue reading “The Baron Episode 2: Epitaph for a Hero”