The Protectors Season 2 Episode 4: The Last Frontier

The International Conference on Medicine for Peace has come together,¬†Irena Gayevska, a world renown scientist in nuclear science and radiation, chairs the conference. Irena was once the love interest of a parliament member who wishes for her to be taken back with him to England. However this is not possible in any normal sense sinceContinue reading “The Protectors Season 2 Episode 4: The Last Frontier”

Department S Episode 28: The Double Death of Charlie Crippen

In Naples, a revolutionary group is trying to assassinate a dummy or at least someone at least that important. Department S is faced with the glaring face of a wax dummy and hes not answering any questions. The intended target was a foreign king but the dummy may show another line of deception. It justContinue reading “Department S Episode 28: The Double Death of Charlie Crippen”

Department S Episode 9: Who Plays the Dummy

Just outside of Madrid, a runaway car is chased down, by Police. When the police arrive to the car, it is empty of any traces of humankind. Department S is called to assess this strange¬†phenomenon. Stuart is baffled and Jason admires the tailored clothes on the occupant, but the fact remains the car was controlledContinue reading “Department S Episode 9: Who Plays the Dummy”