The Baron Episode 10: The Legions of Ammak

In London, Mr Cossackian withdrawals 3 million dollars from his bank, he is going to purchase the “Legions of Ammak” necklace. John Mannering is wondering why Ofeg and King Ibrahim would be making this transaction because Ofeg is a known miser and the King wouldn’t want to give up such a family treasure. Some cluesContinue reading “The Baron Episode 10: The Legions of Ammak”

The Baron Episode 6: Masquerade

The Baron is sent for, late in the evening to see Sir Frederick Orton but is left stranded in an abadoned house. Cordelia realises that John is missing after missing a few appointments. The Baron wakes up to notice he is trapped in the old house where he was stranded. Trying to find his wayContinue reading “The Baron Episode 6: Masquerade”

Department S Episode 24: The Ghost of Mary Burnham

Sinister dealings are at hand, someone is trying to make John Burnham go out of his mind. His wife was killed by a lone bullet, yet after coming from the hospital his wife was on the steps of the house. A psycholgical war has been waged against Mr Burnham and hits him in a veryContinue reading “Department S Episode 24: The Ghost of Mary Burnham”

Department S Episode 15: Dead Men Die Twice

A mysterious reappearance of a known criminal has stirred up the pot in the crime world, but he’s been dead for years. It may be that he had a twin or a doppelgänger but when the reappeared mystery man is killed, Department S is called in. A crime boss and the dead criminals wife areContinue reading “Department S Episode 15: Dead Men Die Twice”

Department S Episode 6: The Man in the Elegant Room

A man is found in an elegant room, barred from the world and with blood on his hands.The police are baffled and Department S is brought in to figure out why a mock up room is found in a suburban warehouse. The young man found inside is incoherent but must know why this setup wasContinue reading “Department S Episode 6: The Man in the Elegant Room”