The Protectors Season 2 Episode 18: Burning Bush

Salvation is in resolution. A young lady cries out in the spirit as the christian group around her joins in on the spirits visit. A worried father speaks with Harry about his concerns for his daughter whom has been involved in a christian community. His concerns are for her health and considering she is wealthy,Continue reading “The Protectors Season 2 Episode 18: Burning Bush”

Strange Report Episode 1: Cult: When Murder Shrieks Out

A humanitarian mission ends with a death of a young aspiring musician, Jay Brand. The shocking death of her music partner makes Maggie believe that he was murdered. Strange has been asked to investigate this odd death that could have easily been disguised as an accident. Maggie knows that Jay believed the humanitarian missions wereContinue reading “Strange Report Episode 1: Cult: When Murder Shrieks Out”

The Baron Episode 20: The High Terrace

A woman jumps off a bridge in London some men in a boat have retrieved the dead body from the water. John and Cordelia are ready to sell a consignment of Medicis to a client, Phyllis Thornton, when they arrive to her apartment she is missing and inside is a man rummaging through her belongings.Continue reading “The Baron Episode 20: The High Terrace”