The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 16: The Ruby of Radnor

An exhibit of the royal jewels is made complete by the Ruby of Radnor and will be ready for display. However when the treasure is stolen Lancelot is sent to investigate. Brian playfully stumbles across the treasure but also the men that stole the treasure too. Brian is captured and taken away to a castleContinue reading “The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episode 16: The Ruby of Radnor”

The Baron Episode 7: The Killing

Cordelia is frightened by John because to her she saw him dead. John has to explain the switch to calm her down and assure her that he is who he says he is. Johns fear of being caught out is warranted when Revell becomes suspicious of him. Mannering had to act before anyone else became suspicious butContinue reading “The Baron Episode 7: The Killing”

The Baron Episode 6: Masquerade

The Baron is sent for, late in the evening to see Sir Frederick Orton but is left stranded in an abadoned house. Cordelia realises that John is missing after missing a few appointments. The Baron wakes up to notice he is trapped in the old house where he was stranded. Trying to find his wayContinue reading “The Baron Episode 6: Masquerade”