Man of the World: Conclusion

The Man of the World was an entirely unknown series before I began working detailing the series. My first awareness of this show came from watching The Sentimental Agent tv series starring Carlos Thompson and while reading about that series I realised that The Sentimental Agent was in fact a spin-off from a specific episodeContinue reading “Man of the World: Conclusion”

The Sentimental Agent : Conclusion

As a 1963 spin-off of another ITC show called Man of the World, The Sentimental Agent continued the on-screen character of Carlos Verela. The Man of the World  series had an episode aptly named The Sentimental Agent which featured Carlos Thompson. His notable appearance started the ball rolling towards having a dedicated weekly series solelyContinue reading “The Sentimental Agent : Conclusion”

The Adventurer Conclusion

As much as I can complain and pick apart this series, I am still inclined to be happy it exists. The Adventurer program came into the television world way late for the late 1960’s debonair bachelor secret agent character hype. This series would not be as entertaining without those clichés albeit in an older more matureContinue reading “The Adventurer Conclusion”

The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1: Conclusion

We have made it to the end of Season 1 of The Adventures of Robin Hood. Hannah Weinstein (she’s rad) had approached Lew Grade with the big plans for a series based upon the legend of Robin Loxley aka Robin Hood. The show was quickly picked up for both the UK and the USA televisionContinue reading “The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1: Conclusion”

The Zoo Gang Season 1: Conclusion

  In 1974, The Zoo Gang was created at a time where World War 2 was fading away in the memories of those who lived through the war and still alive some 30 years later.  The premise of the series is this group of reunited ex-resistance/covert fighters, that have gone their separate ways after the war,Continue reading “The Zoo Gang Season 1: Conclusion”