Strange Report Episode 3: Report 2641: Hostage – If You Won’t Learn, Die!

Some Chinese officials are in London to oversee a contemporary art exhibit when one of the officials is kidnapped.  Now the Chinese government is demanding the release of the kidnapped official, but the sentiment towards Chinese throughout the UK is complicated at best. There are UK citizens that have been kidnapped by the government inContinue reading “Strange Report Episode 3: Report 2641: Hostage – If You Won’t Learn, Die!”

The Champions Episode 1: The Beginning

Covert Operations in a Chinese Research Facility goes well until the very last minute , Craig Stirling,  Sharon McReady and Richard Barrett make an escape just barely through the darkness on the plane they arrived on, however they didn’t escape fast enough to stop chinese bullets from damaging the plane.Tremayne and interested parties anxiously awaitContinue reading “The Champions Episode 1: The Beginning”