The Protectors Season 2 Episode 26: Blockbuster

A cunning robbery of an armored vehicle and the police are left none the wiser. The Protectors are hired by the security company’s CEO about the series of robberies that his company has been experiencing lately. There have been substantial amounts of Platinum that have been stolen during these robberies. Harry’s suspicions look towards aContinue reading “The Protectors Season 2 Episode 26: Blockbuster”

Strange Report Episode 9: Report 1021: Shrapnel – The Wish in the Dream

There is a party being held but Paul Webber is not interested in going, even at his wife’s persistence. His work at Halliday’s Chemicals  is far more important. That evening, there is a large explosion that engulfs the entire laboratory that Paul Webber was working in, and all thats left are the ashes and the charred remainsContinue reading “Strange Report Episode 9: Report 1021: Shrapnel – The Wish in the Dream”

The Baron Episode 9: And Suddenly You’re Dead

In a laboratory a powerful chemical weapon has been made that would change the entire world if it was to get out. A potential buyer has come in to see it but after making the deal, the virus is stolen by an American agent. When the agent is found dead when his car drove ofContinue reading “The Baron Episode 9: And Suddenly You’re Dead”

Department S Episode 21: A Small War of Nerves

A rogue chemical warfare scientist has walked off the job with enough nerve gas to kill over 1 million people. This is a risk for the people of London as well as the possibility of the Russians getting their hands on the nerve gas. Halliday has been missing for over a week and Department SContinue reading “Department S Episode 21: A Small War of Nerves”

Department S Episode 20: The Last Train to Redbridge

The Last Train to Redbridge and  the last car on the train have reached the end of the line. All are dead in the carriage but not from wounds. The suspicious deaths are on the top of the list of cases for Department S. The foul play was airborne and in the form of aContinue reading “Department S Episode 20: The Last Train to Redbridge”