The Baron Episode 19: You Can’t Win Them All

The Petrograd icons are missing and presumed stolen. A small time thief whom the owner of the Peerage Club, Stefton Folkard, believes took them from him is beaten and roughed up but escapes into the polices arms. The thief, Ronnie Osbourne, tells the police that he needs to speak with John Mannering to tell himContinue reading “The Baron Episode 19: You Can’t Win Them All”

Department S Episode 7: Handicap Dead

It’s Colindale Golf course and a professional golfer has just been disqualified for not turning up to his tee and it turns out hes dead. Local police are no match to the complex case, so Department S is put on the job. ┬áBy the time Stewart and Annebelle gets on the case the dead golfersContinue reading “Department S Episode 7: Handicap Dead”