The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 17: Going, Going…

There is a bidding war for a Ming Dynasty vase which Gene Bradley outbids the many bidders and takes home the chinese treasure. This vase has a secret that holds greater value than its reputation as an antiquity. Gene looks like he’s playing a double game after a foreign scientist goes missing and Bradley isn’t willing toContinue reading “The Adventurer Season 1 Episode 17: Going, Going…”

The Zoo Gang Season 1 Episode 3: African Misfire

An art collection of an exiled African General is stolen which was to be used for a charity auction. The Zoo Gang have connections that could help the General find the thieves.  Narrowing down their search, the gang finds a twist to these robberies that spark their curiosity. The General still needs the auction toContinue reading “The Zoo Gang Season 1 Episode 3: African Misfire”

Department S Episode 19: Death on Reflection

On the auction block is a mirror with many potential buyers, the unique thing about the auction is that the mirror sales for a higher than expected price and a buyers battle ensued to obtain the “prized” mirror. When the man who won the auction is found dead Department S is called in to sortContinue reading “Department S Episode 19: Death on Reflection”