Man of the World Season 1 Episode 11: Specialist for the Kill

From the rubble of a post-war Berlin a haunting word of warning about the greatest specialist for the kill. Unbeknownst to Michael Strait, an assassination attempt is planned of a powerful politician and Strait will be pulled in to stop this from happening. Who is this specialist and how could they sneak past the watchful eyes of the American government in West Berlin. 

Personal Synopsis

Berlin, the center of the divided world, sets the stage for this episode. Strait is on a photo assignment but is quickly on the lookout for an assassin. Although the American authorities are not particularly interested in saving General Majcek’s life, they rather not have an assassination happen in West Berlin. 

Original Air-Date: December 8th 1962

Directed by

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Colonel Cutler – Paul Maxwell

Polikoff – Derren Nesbitt

Maggie – Tracy Reed

The Croat – Kenny Baker

Nina – Didi Sullivan

General Oliver – Gordon Tanner

President Majcek – George Pravda

Frau Dorfer – Marianne Deeming

Stoll – Oscar Quitak

Abramov – Gábor Baraker

Guzik – Frank Olegario

Collins – Sean Kelly


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Man of the World Season 1 Episode 10: Portrait of a Girl

A gullible rich American purchases a painting with a special likeness to his daughter, but there is something suspicious about that painting that riles up Michael Strait’s intrigue.  From the person that sold it, to the artist that painted it shows a trail of deceit that looks to forge itself into the world of fake art crime. 

Personal Synopsis

A scheme to procure exorbitant amounts of money for forged art seems to be working until Michael Strait catching wind of it. This episode’s rich cast with ITC regulars Colin Gordon, Donald Stewart and the early cinema star Bessie Love bring together a story of cleverly handled suspicious art deals with unsuspecting wide-eyed buyers. Touché to the sub-context of the silly rich American stereotype whose new world style still doesn’t prepare them for an old world treachery.

Original Air-Date: December 1st 1962

Directed by Charles Frend

Written by Michael Pertwee

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Langford – Colin Gordon

Joanne – Erica Rogers

Van Kempson – Donald Stewart

Galsworth – Michael Goodliffe

Sir Hugo Kempson – Oliver Johnston

Lady Kempson – Joyce Barbour

Casey – Neil McCarthy

Hotel Clerk – John Glyn-Jones

Lois Wilson – Carole Lorimer

Wilson – James Dyrenforth

Proprietor – Tom Gill

Artist’s Model – June Cunningham

Mrs. Van Kempson – Bessie Love

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Man of the World Season 1 Episode 9: The Mindreader

A young woman has extraordinary skills in telepathy to see through a murderer’s lies, Scotland Yard finds it hard to argue especially when she was able . However Strait finds it hard to believe in this clairvoyant although his interest in seeing where this woman comes from may make him a believer. As he spends more time with her, he realises she does posses some sensational abilities that make her quite super human. 

Personal Synopsis

The Mindreader exhibits Michael Strait’s skepticism towards the world of the supernatural. When faced with Carla whom had already gone through a litany of tests about her telepathic abilities, Strait looks deeper into a more realistic reason why she seems to read or understand what those around her are thinking. This episode also features a large number of on-location shots of London which serves as a time capsule of the early 1960s there. 

Original Air-Date: November 24th 1962

Directed by Anthony Bushell

Written by Robert E. Thompson

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Prof. Harding – Charles Heslop

Paul – David Sumner

Inspector Melton – Jack Watson

Policeman – Alec Ross

Suzy – Eve Lucette

Tina – Carolyn Methven

Paula – Magda Konopka

Galvano – Ray Lewis

Blyvus – Leslie French

Carla – Juliet Mills

Linda – Moira Redmond

Downing – Patrick Wymark

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Man of the World Season 1 Episode 8: The Nature of Justice

The Hammurabi code set the rule of law in the Middle East in foregone times. Now a recent discovery by a Professor O’Connor of an engraved stone tablet calls up to question the Nature of Justice. As Strait is assigned to document the excavations in the Iraq deserts, he then faces a dilemma of principles when seeking justice for a crime. 

Personal Synopsis

Strait is out in the desert taking photos of an excavation where a groundbreaking discovery is made. With this comes the interests and greed from this find. That is premise of this episode as greed turns to murder and murder turns to justice. When facing a different view on how justice should be carried out one must rely on wisdom to play its role. Strait will be challenged by the uniqueness of what is locally considered justice. 

Original Air-Date: November 17th 1962

Directed by Harry Booth

Written by Tudor Gates

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

O’Connor – Robert Flemyng

Sheikh Ibrahim Ben Said – Bernard Archard

Jane Rogers – Jacqueline Ellis

Gault – Ewen Solon

Ali – Michael Mellinger

Martin – Glenn Beck


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Man of the World Season 1 Episode 7: The Highland Story

A crime in a far away land haunts the Scottish clan the MacGillies. Their pride and deep rooted sense of tradition makes the scene perfect for a mystery and perfect for Straits visit.  There is a secret in the MacGillie castle and Michael Strait is piecing the puzzle together without stepping over the rule of law.

Personal Synopsis

Never before have I seen such a blend of Australia and Scotland in a crime story. This episode brushes along the crime angle but focuses more so heavily on the Scottish clan culture and traditions of taking care of each other above all else.  Running away from the law calls to question whose law should be at the forefront of ones traditions even in light of an injustice.  


Original Air-Date: November 10th 1962

Directed by Charles Frend

Written by Lindsay Galloway

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Maggie Warren – Tracy Reed

Charlie West – Ray Barrett

Donald – Finlay Currie

Alastair – Andrew Downie

The MacGillie – John Laurie

Australian Man – Barry Linehan

Elspeth – Ruth Lodge

Fiona – Noelle Middleton

Lachy – John Rae

Archie – Peter Sinclair

Australian Man’s Wife – Patsy Smart

Willie – Kenneth Watson

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