The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot is a British television series first broadcast in 1956, produced by Sapphire Films for ITC Entertainment and screened on the ITV network. The series starred William Russell as the eponymous Sir Lancelot, a Knight of the Round Table in the time of King Arthur at Camelot.

The series debuted in the UK on Saturday 15 September 1956, on London weekend ITV franchise holder ATV, and on the NBC network in the United States nine days later. It is one of the very few British television series ever to have been screened on one of the major broadcast networks in the US (as opposed to on PBS or cable television stations). Its success on NBC led to it becoming the first British television series ever to be produced in colour, the last fourteen of the thirty half-hour episodes being shot on colour stock, although they were seen in colour only in the US. The last episode was shown on 13 April 1957 in the UK and 16 September 1957 on NBC. It later transferred networks in the US to ABC, who repeated the episodes from October 1957 to September 1958.

As was common with other British television series of the time, the programme employed several American screenwriters who had moved to Britain after being placed on the Hollywood blacklist, often under pseudonyms. These included Ian McLellan Hunter and Ring Lardner Jr. The series was produced by Sidney ColeDallas Bower andBernard Knowles and made at Nettlefold Studios in Walton-on-Thames.

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The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Episodes

The Knight with the Red Plume Title Shot

Episode 1: The Knight with the Red Plume

The Ferocious Fathers title shot

Episode 2: The Ferocious Fathers

The Queens Knight Title Shot

Episode 3: The Queen’s Knight

The Outcast Title Shot

Episode 4: The Outcast

Winged Victory Title Shot

Episode 5: Winged Victory

Sir Bliant Title Shot

Episode 6: Sir Bliant

The Pirates Title Shot

Episode 7: The Pirates


Episode 8: The Magic Sword

Lancelots Banishment Title Shot

Episode 9: Lancelot’s Banishment

Roman Wall Title Shot

Episode 10: Roman Wall

Caledon Title Shot

Episode 11: Caledon

Theft of Excalibur Title Shot

Episode 12: Theft of Excalibur

The Black Castle Title Shot

Episode 13: The Black Castle

Shepherds War Title Shot

Episode 14: Shepherd’s War

The Magic Book Title Shot

Episode 15: The Magic Book

The Ruby of Radnor Title Shot

Episode 16: The Ruby of Radnor

The Lesser Breed Title Shot

Episode 17: The Lesser Breed

Witches Brew Title Shot

Episode 18: Witches Brew

Sir Crustabread Title Shot

Episode 19: Sir Crustabread

Maid of Somerset Title Shot

Episode 20: Maid of Somerset

Knight Errant Title Shot

Episode 21: Knight Errant

Double Identity Title Shot

Episode 22: Double Identity

The Lady Lilith13

Episode 23: The Lady Lilith

The Bridge Title Shot

Episode 24: The Bridge

The Ugly Duckling Title Shot

Episode 25: The Ugly Duckling

Knights Touch11

Episode 26: Knights Choice

The Missing Princess Title Shot

Episode 27: The Missing Princess

The Mortaise Fair Title Shot

Episode 28: The Mortaise Fair

The Thieves Title Shot

Episode 29: The Thieves

The Prince of Limerick Title Shot

Episode 30: The Prince of Limerick

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