The Baron

Baron titles - 7

The Baron is a British television series that was released in 1965-1966 by ITC Entertainment. This series is based loosely from a book series penned by John Creasey who introduced the character of John Mannering (The Baron). The Baron was actually the first live-action production for ITC Entertainment to be produced entirely in colour, likely for the American market. With 30 episodes, The Baron is one of only a few one season series that was produced by Lew Grades ITC.

John Mannering played by Steve Forrest is a big time antiques dealer and secret agent working for British Intelligence. His jet-set lifestyle and extensive knowledge of antiques makes The Baron the most likely candidate for trouble or to seek help. The Baron’s costar in form of the incomparable Susan Lloyd playing Cornelia Winfield, adds a touch of tenacity that the series would be lost without. Colin Gordon also costars as the poncy sounding John Alexander Templeton-Green or Head of British Intelligence.  Steve Forrest plays The Baron quite well, his tall stature and deep toned accent makes him imposing and his swagger adds to his believability. The backstory of Mannering fighting in World War II and being a part of the team that recovered art works post war, was an angle masterfully used in the time period where old soldiers from the second war have moved on and were going about their lives.

Terry Nation, a prolific writer for ITC Entertainment, is the Script Supervisor for The Baron, which comes out in the episodes tendency to be even a slight bit quirky.  The series has a dark “look” to it, and I mean this in a cinematographic sense and the theme music provided by Edwin Astley is a classic song for the genre with spy sound motifs including gunshots for effect.



The Baron_Diplomatic Immunity Title Shot

Episode 1 Diplomatic Immunity

The Baron_Epitaph for a Hero Title Shot

Episode 2 Epitaph of a Hero

The Baron_Something for a Rainy Day Title Shot

Episode 3 Something for a Rainy Day

The Baron_Red Horse, Red Rider Title Shot

Episode 4 Red Horse, Red Rider

The Baron_Enemy of the State Title Shot

Episode 5 Enemy of the State

Masquerade Title Shot

Episode 6 Masquerade

The Killing Title Shot

Episode 7 The Killing

The Persuaders Title Shot

Episode 8 The Persuaders

And Suddenly You're Dead Title Shot

Episode 9 And Suddenly You’re Dead

The Legions of Ammak Title Shot

Episode 10 The Legions of Ammak

Samurai West Title Shot

Episode 11 Samurai West

The Maze Title Shot

Episode 12 The Maze

Portrait of Louisa Title Shot

Episode 13 Portrait of Louisa

There's Someone Close Behind You Title Shot

Episode 14 There’s Someone Close Behind You

Storm Warning Title Shot

Episode 15 Storm Warning

The Island Title Shot

Episode 16 The Island

Time to Kill Title Shot

Episode 17 Time to Kill

A Memory of Evil Title Shot

Episode 18 A Memory of Evil

You Can't Win Them All Title Shot

Episode 19 You Can’t Win Them All

The High Terrace Title Shot

Episode 20 The High Terrace

The Seven Eyes of Night Title Shot

Episode 21 The Seven Eyes of Night

Night of the Hunter Title Shot

Episode 22 Night of the Hunter

The Edge of Fear Title Shot

Episode 23 The Edge of Fear

Long Ago and Far Away Title Shot

Episode 24 Long Ago and Far Away

So Dark the Night Title Shot

Episode 25 So Dark the Night

The Long, Long Day Title Shot

Episode 26 The Long Long Day

Roundabout Title Shot

Episode 27 Roundabout

The Man Outside Title Shot

Episode 28 The Man Outside

Countdown Title Shot

Episode 29 Countdown

Episode 30 Farewell to Yesterday



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