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The Sentimental Agent Episode 1: All That Jazz

A jazz group the Arthur Rogers Modern Jazz Quintet are having their London debut. They are frustrated that the compositions they play are organised already for them for their shows. The mysterious band manager provides the compositions and often with very little time beforehand. Carlos Varela stumbles across the hidden reason for these songs being curated for the band, it may have something to do with the important people attending the concerts.

Personal Synopsis

Off the banks of the Thames near the Wharf Pier lies Mercury International where Carlos Varela begins his story in this series. Carlos’s intelligence and charm plays to his spy-like coolness and bachelor style all make this character a great cover for whatever he is up to. This first episode sets the scene for a series of mysterious and chivalrous action.

Original Air-Date: September 28th 1963

Directed by Charles Frend

Written by Julian Bond

Carlos Varela- Carlos Thompson

Chin- Burt Kwouk

Miss Carter- Clemence Bettany

Major Nelson- Anthony Bushell

Stirink- Peter Arne

Sarah- Anneke Wills

Tania- Dora Reisser

Bill- Riggs O’Hara

Art- Jeremy Bulloch

Mooney- Hugh Futcher

Leavis- Stewart Guidotti

Wilson- James Luck

Piano Tuner- Tony Quinn

Inspector Shaunnesy- David Blake Kelly

Special Branch Man- Brian Cant

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Sue Lloyd from The Baron passed away on October 20th at age 72

Almost by coincidence I have been updating this blog with the latest series The Baron which starred more often than not Sue Lloyd. I am sad to realise that another wonderful star of the ITC era has passed away. At 72, Sue has lasted longer than most actors from this era but it is still a day of sadness. She also is in one of my favourite movies of all time “Revenge of the Pink Panther“.

Sue Lloyd Obituary- Dailymail

Sue Lloyd Obituary – The Guardian

Sue has acted in a number of espionage themed shows like The IPCRESS File and The Return of Mr Moto and ultimately The Baron. She has also appeared in other ITC Entertainment shows like Department S, The Saint, Jason King, The Persuaders! and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). There were other film credits that came after her time with the ITC crew including her risque roles with Joan Collins in The Stud and The Bitch.