Department S Episode 15: Dead Men Die Twice

A mysterious reappearance of a known criminal has stirred up the pot in the crime world, but he’s been dead for years. It may be that he had a twin or a doppelgänger but when the reappeared mystery man is killed, Department S is called in. A crime boss and the dead criminals wife areContinue reading “Department S Episode 15: Dead Men Die Twice”

Department S Episode 14: The Man from X

Out on one of the kissy filled “in my car” dates and a man appears in a spacesuit, walking towards you but he’s struggling to reach you all but to collapse and die out on the street. This is a mystery that luckily Department S are called out to investigate and certainly a mystery toContinue reading “Department S Episode 14: The Man from X”

Department S Episode 13: The Shift That Never Was

The boss comes into work to find out that every single one of his employees had fallen ill the day before. Except for one person, the newly hired secretary. Of course her name was false and Department S have been put in this case to find out why this would happen. Bellman Parsons being aContinue reading “Department S Episode 13: The Shift That Never Was”

Department S Episode 12: Les Fleurs du Mal

A man receives a package with three flowers in it and with a cryptic note inside. 5 Million dollars has been stolen and one of the suspects, Johnnie, has been found dead. Someone obviously believed Johnnie knew where the money was. Department S is sent to Paris to investigate the crimes. As the dead bodies pile upContinue reading “Department S Episode 12: Les Fleurs du Mal”

Department S Episode 11: The Man Who Got a New Face

A man wakes up and sees his reflection in the mirror and dies! Sir Curtis Seretse’s friend is dead by a heart attack and he is not exactly happy with the circumstances surrounding his death. Was it a joke gone bad or an intent on malice? There were some rumblings of a feud between anContinue reading “Department S Episode 11: The Man Who Got a New Face”