Department S Episode 20: The Last Train to Redbridge

The Last Train to Redbridge and  the last car on the train have reached the end of the line. All are dead in the carriage but not from wounds. The suspicious deaths are on the top of the list of cases for Department S. The foul play was airborne and in the form of aContinue reading “Department S Episode 20: The Last Train to Redbridge”

Department S Episode 19: Death on Reflection

On the auction block is a mirror with many potential buyers, the unique thing about the auction is that the mirror sales for a higher than expected price and a buyers battle ensued to obtain the “prized” mirror. When the man who won the auction is found dead Department S is called in to sortContinue reading “Department S Episode 19: Death on Reflection”

Department S Episode 18: Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine

A man is shot while en route to Athens or not. The police are baffled because the dead man was found in a fake fuselage.  Department S believes that the setup was meant as a rehearsal and its up to them to find out who was the ultimate intended target. A known gambling god isContinue reading “Department S Episode 18: Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine”

Department S Episode 17: The Duplicated Man

A MI5 agent is suspected dead when his plane explodes over the English Channel. Evidence was found that may have suggested the agent had parachuted from a plane. There is an obvious risk of the Russians finding him and getting information out of him. Its a long road to Moscow and Department S are in need ofContinue reading “Department S Episode 17: The Duplicated Man”

Department S Episode 16: The Perfect Operation

An operation is taking place and the best surgeons are in attendance. The VIP patient can die without a successful operation but there was a disruption. It was a perfect operation but who was the neurosurgeon? Department S has been called to sort out why a surgeon was stopped mid operation only to have anotherContinue reading “Department S Episode 16: The Perfect Operation”