Department S Episode 28: The Double Death of Charlie Crippen

In Naples, a revolutionary group is trying to assassinate a dummy or at least someone at least that important. Department S is faced with the glaring face of a wax dummy and hes not answering any questions. The intended target was a foreign king but the dummy may show another line of deception. It justContinue reading “Department S Episode 28: The Double Death of Charlie Crippen”

Department S Episode 27: A Ticket to Nowhere

The runway is not clear for landing, theres a man on the tarmac and its a mystery why he is there and dead. Jason helping the damsel in distress, the dead mans niece is at the airport to find out more details. As Department S awaits Jasons arrival Sir Curtis describes a case of anContinue reading “Department S Episode 27: A Ticket to Nowhere”

Department S Episode 26: The Soup of the Day

A warehouse has beenĀ burgled and the only thing stolen was a carte of fish soup. Following up the reasons to why this would happen brings to light a few suspicious characters. And all the while Jasons publisher is pushing to get the next Mark Cain novel out on the market. When the stolen soup cansContinue reading “Department S Episode 26: The Soup of the Day”

Department S Episode 25: A Fish Out of Water

When a close friend of Stewart is found drowned near Beirut anger and revenge is in the hearts of Department S. Sir Curtis calls on Jason to investigate the matter particularly since Stewart is emotionally attached to the victim. Jason is seduced into an attempt on his life by a Michele Duplay but Jasons charmContinue reading “Department S Episode 25: A Fish Out of Water”

Department S Episode 24: The Ghost of Mary Burnham

Sinister dealings are at hand, someone is trying to make John Burnham go out of his mind. His wife was killed by a lone bullet, yet after coming from the hospital his wife was on the steps of the house. A psycholgical war has been waged against Mr Burnham and hits him in a veryContinue reading “Department S Episode 24: The Ghost of Mary Burnham”