Department S Episode 10: The Treasure of the Costa del Sol

Off the coast of Spain lies a treasure, its in the most peculiar place and with a side of backstabbing. Two crooks lie dead on the coast and police are baffled. Something smells fishy. One of the men had a booklet with over 50 different women names in it, a perfect situation for Jason toContinue reading “Department S Episode 10: The Treasure of the Costa del Sol”

Department S Episode 9: Who Plays the Dummy

Just outside of Madrid, a runaway car is chased down, by Police. When the police arrive to the car, it is empty of any traces of humankind. Department S is called to assess this strange phenomenon. Stuart is baffled and Jason admires the tailored clothes on the occupant, but the fact remains the car was controlledContinue reading “Department S Episode 9: Who Plays the Dummy”

Department S Episode 8: Black Out

A night at the theatre and you wake up in Mexico. A hell of a night indeed but how did you get there? Funny, a missing missile expert has an uncanny resemblance to the man found in mexico, miles away from his last known location. Jason recalls his book when considering the clues laid out and decidesContinue reading “Department S Episode 8: Black Out”

Department S Episode 7: Handicap Dead

It’s Colindale Golf course and a professional golfer has just been disqualified for not turning up to his tee and it turns out hes dead. Local police are no match to the complex case, so Department S is put on the job.  By the time Stewart and Annebelle gets on the case the dead golfersContinue reading “Department S Episode 7: Handicap Dead”

The Buccaneers Episode 1: Blackbeard

Capt Rodgers is heading to the Bahamas with the task given to clean out the Pirates from Nassau.  The captain is bringing in a new way of thinking in regards to the pirates and with a pardon in his hands for those who would take up the offer.  Treasure is being divided amongst the piratesContinue reading “The Buccaneers Episode 1: Blackbeard”