Interpol Calling Episode 6: You Can’t Die Twice

A man was killed in an accident on the docks of New York City but shortly thereafter it is found that he was not the man his papers say he is. The man he was reported to be was actually killed months ago in Hamburg. During the autopsy, the doctor finds a strange tattoo on the body that leads Interpol to a people trafficking operation that spans the Atlantic ocean.

Personal Synopsis

The last known appearance of a Hungarian man was in a refugee camp in Austria until he shows up dead due to an accident in New York City. But his papers were of a different person which would naturally rile up suspicion. Duval takes the lead in investigating this mystery across the pond. After recruiting “bait”, Interpol were able to follow the entire chain of a people trafficking operation. This episode also has an innate connection to the horrors of the holocaust as two of the characters proudly display their ID numbers tattooed on their arms.

Original Air-Date: October 18th 1959

Directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards
Written by Barbara Avedon

Inspector Paul Duval – Charles Korvin

Inspector Mornay – Edwin Richfield

Captain Tully – Cec Linder

Mr. Dorner – Gerard Heinz

Inspector Krantz – Arnold Diamond

Anna Grauber – Colette Wilde

Muller – Leonard Sachs

Marston – Robert Arden

Carter – Philo Hauser

Creedy – George Margo

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