Interpol Calling Episode 5: The Long Weekend

2000 miles, the sea, a dead body? When a known criminal’s body is found on the beach near Dover the questions arise about how this could be possible. Was it murder or a suicide? Where did the body come from? Just how such a thing could happen points to complex set of maritime charts.

Personal Synopsis

Given that the mood of this episode is murder, the incidental music that starts off “The Long Weekend” is such a light hearted contrast to the mystery of the floating dead body. Despite that light-heartedness, this episode exposes a glimpse into the trade of contraband across the seas. Almost hidden from sight, the hundreds of cargo ships that traverse the mediterranean have the perfect network to pass on illegal cargo throughout the ports of Europe and even further. Duval and Inspector Mornay try to weave through the complex watery trail of evidence to discover why a murder had travelled so far.

Original Air-Date: October 11th 1959

Directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards
Written by David T. Chantler

Inspector Paul Duval – Charles Korvin

Inspector Mornay – Edwin Richfield

Professor Renee – David Kossoff

Monsieur Iamprou – John Le Mesurier

Marie – Balbina

Georges – André Maranne

Captain Gallard – Francis De Wolff

Detective – Joe Beckett

Interpol Officer – Richard Duke

Interpol Officer – Roy Everson

Interpol Radio Officer – Michael Jacques

John Talbot – Emile Stemmler

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