Interpol Calling Episode 3: The Sleeping Giant

A World War II bomb is found in Scotland far too close for comfort. If it explodes it would cause the destruction of a dam and everything downstream. Interpol is searching for the bomb makers in an attempt to detonate the bomb but this not an easy task after so many years after the war.

Personal Synopsis

When a bomb is found and the pending danger grows, finding those who made this weapon of mass destruction becomes a life or death case for Interpol. Inspector Duval flies across Europe to find those who can safely detonate the bomb in time. We follow this quest in this episode amongst actors who they themselves survived the second World War.

Original Air-Date: September 27th 1959

Directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards
Written by Larry Forrester

Inspector Paul Duval – Charles Korvin

Inspector Mornay – Edwin Richfield

Kustrinski – John Crawford

David – David Cameron

Von Schriber – Esmond Knight

Von Stegger – Oliver Burt

MacLelland – Jack Stewart

Sgt. Logie – Rufus Cruickshank

Inge Vern – Heather Chasen

Policeman – Billy Dean

Frederik Braun – Reginald Marsh

Ship’s Officer – Michael Mulcaster

Detective – Eric Wetherell

German Police Chief – Martin Wyldeck

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