Interpol Calling Episode 2: The Money Game

A journalist is found dead after reporting on the untimely demise of the Baron. The international stock markets react to this news of the highly esteemed financier’s death. However when the real Baron shows himself to be alive, Inspector Duval must find who would go to such lengths to fake a death and commit a murder.

Personal Synopsis

The International money market is fraught with possible gains and in some cases great loses. In this episode, the world believed it lost one of the great minds of finance but instead fell for the scam that profited from the news of the Barons death. Inspector Duval sets out to find out who thought that the Money Game was worth the crime.

Original Air-Date: September 20th 1959

Directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards
Written by Lewis Davidson

Inspector Paul Duval – Charles Korvin

Inspector Mornay – Edwin Richfield

The Baron – Walter Rilla

Castillon – Ferdy Mayne

Marie Webber – Delphi Lawrence

Brownley – Phil Brown

Zeist – Walter Gotell

Mortuary Assistant – Alan Beaton

Detective –Joe Beckett

Detective – Michael Beint

Man in Cafe – Alan Casley

Interpol Officer – Jean Driant

Interpol Officer – William Ingram

Train Guard – Fulton Mackay

Man in Cafe – Geremy Phillips

Man in Cafe – Johnny Rossi

Man Dancing in Cafe – George Roubicek

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