Man of the World Season 2 Episode 7: The Prince

An uprising is full blown in the country of Loscha. Mobs and police are waging an all out war in the streets. An unsettled revolution is failing, the only hope is to reinstate the previous monarchy system but the King was killed during the revolution. Strait is asked to help verify the identity of the young prince who is believed to be the sole survivor from the royal family but this seems to be a more arduous task than expected. What the country needs mostly is peace and Strait is there to help.

Personal Synopsis

We follow the story of a country in dire need and the USA finding itself in a very sticky political situation. Restoring the King to the throne of Loscha would bring peace but how to know for sure that the so called “prince” is the real prince. Allowing an imposter to take the throne would be viewed as political wrangling and cause even greater instability in the region. Strait naturally is crucial to solving the identity mystery and of course is instrumental in finding those who benefit from the unrest. The Prince is the last episode for this series “Man of the World” and is a soft send off for a series that perhaps had greater hopes.

Original Air-Date:  June 22nd 1963

Directed by

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Count Maximilian Korvin – Geoffrey Keen

Tulan – Michael Sirr

Susan Forrester – Ann Gillis

Forrester – Warren Stanhope

Miss Bentley – Enid Lorimer

Anna – Sylva Langova

Burton – Larry Cross

Carter – Robert Arden

Sergeant – Bill Edwards

Asian Woman – Marie Yang

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