Man of the World Season 2 Episode 6: The Bullfighter

In a land with strong traditions and concepts of heritage, Luiz has his fathers bullfighting legacy on his shoulders. Straight is there to watch this bullfighter as he is promoted higher into a “Matador” status but there are some concerns as to whether he is ready. The glorification of the senior matador is understandable after his untimely death but opens up questions in Strait’s mind as to the secret dealings behind the scenes in Luiz’s life.  With Straits inquisitive nature comes a discovery that would change the Rivera family forever.  

Personal Synopsis

Bullfighting is often a theme in ITC shows likely due to its long exotic tradition and the realities of imminent danger for the bullfighters. This episode shows us Luiz in his attempt at reaching his fathers legacy by putting himself in this dangerous position. 

With events that bring awareness to an unspoken secret, Strait is once again in the thick of solving a mystery that has haunted the lives of the Rivera family. 

Original Air-Date:  June 15th 1963

Directed by

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Carmen – Marla Landi

Luiz – Joseph Cuby

Catrina – Eileen Way

Garcia – Ricardo Montez

Rivera – John Bailey

Ramos – Ferdy Mayne

Dr. Sanchez – Michael Peake

Rodriguez – George Street

General – Reginald Jarman

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