Man of the World Season 2 Episode 5: In the Picture

A cultural festival is being hosted by an old friend, President Ruschek. Strait brings his world renown travelling photo exhibition and his camera to a country that is under threat from the old aristocracy wanting to replace the new reform government. Quickly Strait becomes involved in this fight against an assassination conspiracy because of one of his most recent photographs. 

Personal Synopsis

Given its original airdate, it’s easy to see where the motivations of this type of episode lies. A reformation is taking place in the country against the old powers and the government making these changes face a strong fight to quench those efforts. The cold war’s idealogical war plays strong in this storyline where the peoples president is in danger for going against the aristocracy. Strait’s pictures again hold secrets that some wish to hide. One other note on this episode is that the photograph exhibition has photos of characters from previous episodes in the Man of the World series. 

Original Air-Date: June 8th 1963

Directed by

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Troyan – Albert Lieven

Maria – Nadja Regin

President Ruschek – Wensley Pithey

Klos – Maxwell Shaw

Debar – Peter Madden

Pec – Edward Cast

Lecha – Maurice Kaufmann

Chamacy – Bartlett Mullins

Sphela – André Maranne

Security Guard – Brandon Brady

Onlooker after Lab Explosion – Pauline Chamberlain

Onlooker after Lab Explosion – Bill Hibbert

Captain – Michael Rittermann

Peasant – Raymond Ray

Assistant director – Nigel Hawthorne

Lieutenant Chivaro – Robert Rietty

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