Man of the World Season 2 Episode 4: Jungle Mission

Deep in the amazon jungle, Strait is there, being escorted by the military, to report on a rebel leader, Padron. He finds a mission run by an order of nuns that are trying to bridge understanding between the local tribes and the “white people”. The chiefs son of one of the most violent tribes has been bitten by a deadly snake and after all efforts by the witch doctor have failed, the chief brings his son to the mission. Now the danger is great for everyone if the nuns cannot bring back the chiefs son to health. All while, the military remains focused on capturing the rebel Padron overlooking the danger that is drawing closer in the jungle. 

Personal Synopsis

Jungle Mission gives us two storylines that merge into the finale. This episode follows Straits journey into the jungle where dangers abound. The military is on the search for revolutionaries and the relations with the tribe people is being perilously tested. The glimpse of hope is the mission run by the Mother Superior whose compassion overrides the frivolous aggression around her. Strait plays the intermediary between the soldier and the revolutionaries all while supporting the efforts by the nuns.   

Original Air-Date: June 1st 1963

Directed by

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Perez – Paul Maxwell

Mother Superior – Noelle Middleton

Padron – Alexander Davion

Luis – George Eugeniou

Garcia – Alan Rowe

Acquilina – Isobel Black

Ananga – Leo Carera

Simon – Frank Singuineau

Miguel – Ricardo Montez

Auleau – Tony Cyrus

Pilot – Kenneth Farrington

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