Man of the World Season 2 Episode 3: Double Exposure

It is rumoured a military leader has been dead for some time, in his place an impersonator. Strait is sent to confirm or dispel that rumour. As a standin chauffeur for a visiting wealthy old lady, Straight gets entangled with the Chief of Police and his ever watching comrades. 

Personal Synopsis

Strait is again in trouble due to his camera. In this case, his film could potentially uncover a military secret and further undermine the governments power. Though this premise sounds intriguing to some degree this episode is not one of the best. The additional storyline of a young woman questioning her devotion to the government and ultimately leaving the iron curtain, becomes the primary story of this episode and was a fair attempt at salvaging this episode. Also an old English lady certainly lends familiarity to a classic ITC show.

Original Air-Date: May 25th 1963

Directed by

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Mrs. Rosewall – Cicely Courtneidge

Trina – Erika Remberg

Grabowsky – Nigel Davenport

Washington Official – John Tate

Hotel Manager – Philo Hauser

Karinski – Dorothea Phillips

Night Club Singer – Honora Burke

Communist Officer – Marshall Jones

Austrian Officer – Michael Segal

Motor Cyclist – Brian Wright

Cigarette girl – Sally Douglas

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