Man of the World Season 1 Episode 13: Shadow of the Wall

Michael Strait is visiting West Berlin with a friend and his wife. The American authorities suspect that this friend is passing secrets to the East German government. Strait is pressured to help despite his reluctance to betray a friend. 

Personal Synopsis

The Shadow of the Wall plays out in Berlin just as the recent episode Specialist for the Kill. The Berlin Wall again provides a strong backdrop to a storyline that reflects the dangers of being in a cold war hotspot. During this time trust was limited and the likelihood of someone close being for the other side was a constant threat and this episode shows how this could be possible. 

Original Air-Date: February 22nd 1962 ?

Directed by

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Wilhelm – Joseph Fürst

Colonel Cutler – Paul Maxwell

Linda – Suzanne Neve

Vosper – Scot Finch

Jorgens – Charles Lloyd Pack

Bertha – Sheila Raynor

Director – Nancy Nevinson

Captain Wells – Benedicta Leigh

Policeman – Steven Scott

Driver – Terence Fallon

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