Man of the World Season 1 Episode 12: A Family Affair

Strait is in Paris shooting photos for a magazine when a bomb goes off that nearly kills a minister of the government cabinet. In the aftermath, his film is confiscated under mysterious circumstances but not by the police. Suspicion of domestic terrorism and its possible link to the highly esteemed Foreign Legion causes the police to hesitate in giving a flustered and frustrated Strait much information. Strait is now on his own in finding the suspects who stole his film and the story.

Personal Synopsis

Ex-soldiers turned terrorists is a fine trope for an episode and when its found that the man Strait suspects is known to be dead, he is ready to find out that story. Needless to say as an American who has always found some mystique in the town of Paris, this episode setting pleases me as does the storyline. As he finds, the discovery of the lives of these terrorists opens many more questions about love, power and war. 


Original Air-Date: December 12th 1962

Directed by

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Monique – Clemence Bettany

Mlle. Danois – Maria Corvin

Corbet – Eugene Deckers

Harry Burton – Alan Gifford

Duval – Richard Leech

Helene – Lisa Page

Baron De Charlot – Keith Pyott

Madame Duclos – Hira Talfrey

Inspector Sanglett – Richard Warner

Midwesterner – Paul Whitsun-Jones


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