Man of the World Season 2 Episode 2: The Enemy

In the deep jungles of Kampala, Strait wakes up in a remote hospital bruised and broken after an attack on his group by a rebel force.  There he meets the no longer illusive Dr. Moretti. The rebel forces (The Glorious Peoples Army) see the strategic gains of taking over the hospital in their march throughout Kampala. The rebel forces seek to discredit Moretti’s influence however Moretti’s moral standing will not allow himself to cower down to the Glorious People’s Army’s demands. 

Personal Synopsis

The Enemy episode coming from a perspective of the 21st century has many unpleasant aspects to its production. At the very least are the questionable portrayals of people from the Asian continent by clearly white British males. These “yellow-face” choices do show what was deemed acceptable in terms of casting at the time. Also to shine a light on its sexist bend the female characters were appropriately cast with known Chinese actresses. To be slightly more objective, Anthony Quayle has such a strong presence on the screen and does an admirable job at helping this story out with his distinguished acting. Otherwise this episode falls flat and is not one of the better ones in this series. 

Original Air-Date: May 18th 1963

Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey

Written by Julian Bond

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Dr. Moretti – Anthony Quayle

Major Teong – John Meillon

Lt. Hang – John Hollis

Nurse – Dolores Dicen

Orderly – Pat Goh

Souen – Tsai Chin

Chinese Soldier – Jack Cooper

Nurse – Lucille Soong

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