Man of the World Season 2 Episode 1: The Bandit

In Sicily, an actress is taken from a movie set by a slick card playing bandit and is whisked away into the ancient countryside. Her ransom will suit this opportunistic bandit well. Michael Straight is a tourist aiming to take photos of the Temple of Ignacio when he takes a shot that unwittingly risks his life. He can live another day and take his intended photos if he plays his cards right.

Personal Synopsis

This episode signifies the start of the second season for the Man of the World but it fails to really start with a notable episode. Sam Wanamaker and his strange Sicilian accent does give the role his best effort but it doesn’t seem to reach the level of villain as most of the previous episodes. What is expected and is fulfilled is Craig Stevens being back in his smooth jet setter style saving the girl with his acute sense for manoeuvring at least intellectually past the “bad guys”. 

Original Air-Date: May 11th 1963

Directed by Charles Crichton

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Maggie MacFarlane – Tracy Reed

Nicola – Sam Wanamaker

Maria – Natasha Parry

Hank – Graham Stark

Gioti – John Woodvine

Polo – John McCarthy

Tonio – Peter Kriss

Arturo – Gertan Klauber

Captain – Michael Rittermann

Peasant – Raymond Ray

Assistant director – Nigel Hawthorne

Lieutenant Chivaro – Robert Rietty


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