Man of the World Season 1 Episode 11: Specialist for the Kill

From the rubble of a post-war Berlin a haunting word of warning about the greatest specialist for the kill. Unbeknownst to Michael Strait, an assassination attempt is planned of a powerful politician and Strait will be pulled in to stop this from happening. Who is this specialist and how could they sneak past the watchful eyes of the American government in West Berlin. 

Personal Synopsis

Berlin, the center of the divided world, sets the stage for this episode. Strait is on a photo assignment but is quickly on the lookout for an assassin. Although the American authorities are not particularly interested in saving General Majcek’s life, they rather not have an assassination happen in West Berlin. 

Original Air-Date: December 8th 1962

Directed by

Written by

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Colonel Cutler – Paul Maxwell

Polikoff – Derren Nesbitt

Maggie – Tracy Reed

The Croat – Kenny Baker

Nina – Didi Sullivan

General Oliver – Gordon Tanner

President Majcek – George Pravda

Frau Dorfer – Marianne Deeming

Stoll – Oscar Quitak

Abramov – Gábor Baraker

Guzik – Frank Olegario

Collins – Sean Kelly


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