Man of the World Season 1 Episode 10: Portrait of a Girl

A gullible rich American purchases a painting with a special likeness to his daughter, but there is something suspicious about that painting that riles up Michael Strait’s intrigue.  From the person that sold it, to the artist that painted it shows a trail of deceit that looks to forge itself into the world of fake art crime. 

Personal Synopsis

A scheme to procure exorbitant amounts of money for forged art seems to be working until Michael Strait catching wind of it. This episode’s rich cast with ITC regulars Colin Gordon, Donald Stewart and the early cinema star Bessie Love bring together a story of cleverly handled suspicious art deals with unsuspecting wide-eyed buyers. Touché to the sub-context of the silly rich American stereotype whose new world style still doesn’t prepare them for an old world treachery.

Original Air-Date: December 1st 1962

Directed by Charles Frend

Written by Michael Pertwee

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Langford – Colin Gordon

Joanne – Erica Rogers

Van Kempson – Donald Stewart

Galsworth – Michael Goodliffe

Sir Hugo Kempson – Oliver Johnston

Lady Kempson – Joyce Barbour

Casey – Neil McCarthy

Hotel Clerk – John Glyn-Jones

Lois Wilson – Carole Lorimer

Wilson – James Dyrenforth

Proprietor – Tom Gill

Artist’s Model – June Cunningham

Mrs. Van Kempson – Bessie Love

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