Man of the World Season 1 Episode 9: The Mindreader

A young woman has extraordinary skills in telepathy to see through a murderer’s lies, Scotland Yard finds it hard to argue especially when she was able . However Strait finds it hard to believe in this clairvoyant although his interest in seeing where this woman comes from may make him a believer. As he spends more time with her, he realises she does posses some sensational abilities that make her quite super human. 

Personal Synopsis

The Mindreader exhibits Michael Strait’s skepticism towards the world of the supernatural. When faced with Carla whom had already gone through a litany of tests about her telepathic abilities, Strait looks deeper into a more realistic reason why she seems to read or understand what those around her are thinking. This episode also features a large number of on-location shots of London which serves as a time capsule of the early 1960s there. 

Original Air-Date: November 24th 1962

Directed by Anthony Bushell

Written by Robert E. Thompson

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Prof. Harding – Charles Heslop

Paul – David Sumner

Inspector Melton – Jack Watson

Policeman – Alec Ross

Suzy – Eve Lucette

Tina – Carolyn Methven

Paula – Magda Konopka

Galvano – Ray Lewis

Blyvus – Leslie French

Carla – Juliet Mills

Linda – Moira Redmond

Downing – Patrick Wymark

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