Man of the World Season 1 Episode 8: The Nature of Justice

The Hammurabi code set the rule of law in the Middle East in foregone times. Now a recent discovery by a Professor O’Connor of an engraved stone tablet calls up to question the Nature of Justice. As Strait is assigned to document the excavations in the Iraq deserts, he then faces a dilemma of principles when seeking justice for a crime. 

Personal Synopsis

Strait is out in the desert taking photos of an excavation where a groundbreaking discovery is made. With this comes the interests and greed from this find. That is premise of this episode as greed turns to murder and murder turns to justice. When facing a different view on how justice should be carried out one must rely on wisdom to play its role. Strait will be challenged by the uniqueness of what is locally considered justice. 

Original Air-Date: November 17th 1962

Directed by Harry Booth

Written by Tudor Gates

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

O’Connor – Robert Flemyng

Sheikh Ibrahim Ben Said – Bernard Archard

Jane Rogers – Jacqueline Ellis

Gault – Ewen Solon

Ali – Michael Mellinger

Martin – Glenn Beck


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