Man of the World Season 1 Episode 7: The Highland Story

A crime in a far away land haunts the Scottish clan the MacGillies. Their pride and deep rooted sense of tradition makes the scene perfect for a mystery and perfect for Straits visit.  There is a secret in the MacGillie castle and Michael Strait is piecing the puzzle together without stepping over the rule of law.

Personal Synopsis

Never before have I seen such a blend of Australia and Scotland in a crime story. This episode brushes along the crime angle but focuses more so heavily on the Scottish clan culture and traditions of taking care of each other above all else.  Running away from the law calls to question whose law should be at the forefront of ones traditions even in light of an injustice.  


Original Air-Date: November 10th 1962

Directed by Charles Frend

Written by Lindsay Galloway

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Maggie Warren – Tracy Reed

Charlie West – Ray Barrett

Donald – Finlay Currie

Alastair – Andrew Downie

The MacGillie – John Laurie

Australian Man – Barry Linehan

Elspeth – Ruth Lodge

Fiona – Noelle Middleton

Lachy – John Rae

Archie – Peter Sinclair

Australian Man’s Wife – Patsy Smart

Willie – Kenneth Watson

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