Man of the World Season 1 Episode 5: The Frontier

Either by disguise or under the guise of humanitarian efforts, the northern regions of India are beginning to be inhabited by the communist Chinese. Michael Straight is assigned to a remote town in northern India where he can see first hand the infiltration taking place. Dr Bahandi, from the Indian government, is tasked with finding a way to stop this incursion and she uses a method that stirs at the heart of human fear. 

Personal Synopsis

The tensions between the border of India and China have essentially been an ongoing saga throughout history. Now, Straight is sent to get a glimpse into a possible hidden incursion by the “Red” Chinese. Additionally, Dr. Bahandi played by Leena Naidu is also there in the capacity of a loyal Indian subject. Since intimidation by strength was not working Straight and Dr Bahandi must find another way to force the troops in disguise back where they came from. 

Original Air-Date: October 27th 1962

Directed by Anthony Bushell

Written by Lindsay Galloway

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Chang – Peter Arne

High lama – Alfred Burke

Chinese Doctor – Donald Chinn

Liu – Burt Kwouk

Sergeant – George Little

Indian Medical Office – Mellan Mitchell

Headman – Bobby R. Naidoo

Dr. Bahandi – Leela Naidu

Hossain – Gary Raymond

Chou – Ric Young

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