Man of the World Season 1 Episode 4: The Runaways

In the French Riviera, a heiress is nearly kidnapped when a stranger, Martin King, rescues her. Now she is ready to elope with this unknown saviour. Michael Strait has the opportunity to meet the fresh couple and find out why the sudden love birds are so elusive. Coincidences strike Strait’s intuition a bit odd about this stranger and his friend Jim Smedley. To expose the bad intentions Strait will need to take them out to deep water to show their real selves.

Personal Synopsis

Too often a story comes along of a somewhat bored and risk seeking heiress finding her way out.  This episode works on that trope, where the heiress played by Erica Rodgers is infatuated with a knight in shining armour wherever they may be. But what is really needed is for the knight in shining armour to show himself as he really is.

Original Air-Date: October 20th 1962

Directed by Charles Crichton

Written by Michael Pertwee

Michael Strait – Craig Stevens

Maggie Warren – Tracy Reed

Hank – Graham Stark

Joanne Van Kempson – Erica Rogers

Martin King – Leon Peers

Jim Smedley – Harvey Hall

Lord Allwood – Noel Harrison

Johnson – Garry Marsh

Van Kempson – Donald Stewart

Mrs. Van Kempson – Renee Houston

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